Town Hall (F) Data Governance in a Cooperative Way: The Potentials of Data Trusts & Data Cooperatives

  • Nov 13, 2021 2:45–3:45PM

  • Festsaal
    HU Graduate School
    Luisenstr. 56

How can we ensure that our data is processed in a good way? How can we protect individual privacy while using digital platforms for cooperative and nonprofit purposes? What institutional structures are appropriate for the collective management of data? In this town hall, we seek to explore common guidelines for democratic data governance projects in local economies. Our focus is on both platform cooperativism and platform municipalism in the smart city, two approaches that aim at providing digital infrastructures for certain communities while collecting masses of sensitive behavioral data. Drawing on concrete examples of data trusts and data cooperatives, we will discuss options of using, managing and protecting data as a commons, trying to tease out how data can be adopted by worker cooperatives as well as local authorities


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