Platform Co-ops for a (Post-)Pandemic Digital Economy

  • Nov 12, 2021 7:20–8:00PM

  • Humboldt University
    Philippstr. 13

***Archival video of this segment is available here.***

The pandemic has thrown the globe into disarray. One significant shift has been the ever-greater emphasis on the internet in our daily lives. How have platform co-ops coped under these conditions? What kind of responses were they able to give? And what might they provide for a (post-) pandemic digital economy? In this session, you’ll learn about two groups that have experienced substantial growth in the past year: the Drivers Cooperative, a ride hailing cooperative from New York City that wants to build the 100% worker-owned rideshare company of the future. And Circles, a people powered money system which aims at promoting the local economy within your community.


  • Blanka Vay CEO, Circles Coop eG

  • Erik Forman Ph.D. student CUNY Graduate Center, Co-founder, The Drivers Cooperative;

  • Jonas Pentzien Ph.D. Researcher, Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW)

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