Screening: What is Democracy?

The Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Auditorium - Room N101, Ground Floor
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center
66 Fifth Avenue, NYC

“Featuring a diverse cast—including celebrated theorists, trauma surgeons, activists, factory workers, asylum seekers, and former prime ministers—this film connects the past and the present, the emotional and the intellectual, the personal and the political, in order to provoke and inspire. If we want to live in a democracy, we must first ask what the word even means.” – Zeitgeist

Welcome by Trebor Scholz.
Interview with Astra Taylor, director of What is Democracy?, by Greg Epstein followed by the screening.

Trailer: What Is Democracy

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  • Astra Taylor Filmmaker, Writer, Activist, and Musician

  • Trebor Scholz Founding Director of the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy, Platform Cooperativism Consortium, The New School

  • Greg M. Epstein Humanist Chaplain at Harvard and MIT

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