May 2017 Barcelona couriers from companies such as Deliveroo, Glovo or UberEats created the RidersXDerechos (Riders4Rights) union campaign to defend our rights. We have demonstrated and gone on strike against the situation of falsely self-employed workers. As a consequence, we have suffered dismissals, which we have already reported to the courts. Mensakas is an app for online ordering and home delivery. In April 2018 we created the Mensakas SCCL cooperative company. It is self-managed by its own workers. Everyone has an employment contract, not a false freelance contract, and therefore taxes and social security contributions are being paid. We offer an alternative model of consumption, one that allows people to consume in a socially responsible manner through their smartphone. The cooperative helps strengthen self-organization among riders so that they can continue struggling against precarious work, as well as providing a real experience of collectivization and economic sovereignty.