Mwongela Mikwa is a communication specialist with a background in research, currently serving as the Senior Director of Communication in the Office of the Deputy President of Kenya. Before this role, he was the Head of Corporate Communications at the National Council for Population & Development, and a Public Relations Officer at The Co-operative University of Kenya, where he also contributes as an academic. His professional journey includes being an editor for Kenya’s The Co-operator magazine and a member of the editorial board for Kenya’s Co-operative Magazine. With over a decade of experience in academics, corporate leadership, and research, Mikwa focuses on areas such as cooperatives, ICTs, FinTech, communication, and digital economies, with a commitment to equitable, democratic, and community-centered initiatives. Mikwa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies, and a PhD in Communication Studies, and he has published several scholarly articles across various disciplines.