CEO of Stocksy United, a platform co-op created by and for artists. Michael brings his years in the stock industry at iStockphoto and Getty Images, flavored with start-up operational experience in another market, to Stocksy. His focus is on working with the incredible team at Stocksy to deliver exceptional products and services while living up to the principles and values that are the DNA of the company – dedication to the co-op ideals the company was founded upon, communication up and down, transparency in action, and responsibility for results.

Throughout Michael’s career he has had success by working collaboratively with stakeholders in any given situation. He believes things are best done with input from all people required in the process: 

“Those people need to be heard from to ensure their ideas and concerns are contemplated and addressed. Doing so, ensures a smoother process, a successful result, and ultimately a stronger organization.” 

This team-based collaboration facilitates strategy based on organizational goals by determining the tactics needed to succeed and the plan required to implement across the entire organization. This can be easier said than done and having an ability to bridge silos and act as a form of glue (or oil as the case may be!) is something Michael brings to the table to assist in those efforts.