Coopathon! Designing an Index of the Digital Co-Op Space

  • Nov 7, 2019 11:00AM–4:00PM

  • Theresa Lang Community and Student Center - Room I202, 2nd Floor
    Arnhold Hall
    55 West 13th Street, NYC

***Read a blog post summarizing this event here!***

Join us for a participatory session on how to map the cooperative digital economy in a way that is useful for all stakeholders. This gathering invites everyone to explore individual opportunities and propose solutions for a simple, searchable, and useful index of our ecosystem. In 2020, the index will be designed as part of the Platform Co-op Development Kit. 

Questions motivating our session include:

  • How might we design a user experience that serves unique stakeholder information needs, from policymakers and funders to organizers and technologists and beyond?
  • How might we build a tool to discover and showcase the range of digital co-op projects around the world?
  • How might co-ops and other stakeholders take ownership and control of this index, ensure it benefits them, and keep it up-to-date?

Together, we’ll explore these questions and co-design collective solutions.

Facilitated by Danny Spitzberg

Lunch will be provided

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