Micky is involved in the “free software for community building” movement and the Platform Cooperativism movement. She helps Agaric’s work contribute back to these movements. She also handles some administrative tasks, public outreach, and support as part of the team.

Micky is a worker/owner of Agaric and a member of the “free software for community building” movement – using tools like VOIP, Drupal, and GNU/Linux. She is liaison between the US Solidarity Economy Network (SEN) a group devoted to ongoing dialog on building the new economy network – and US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC), the national grassroots organization of 4,000 US worker-owners “building power with national and international partners to advance an agenda for economic justice rooted in community-based, shared ownership.”

Working within organizations such as Ujima Boston, Resource Generation,  CommonGood and The Greater Boston Chamber of Cooperatives, Micky enjoys raising awareness of free software, cooperative business models and local opportunities. As a member of MayFirst/PeopleLink Leadership Committee, Micky works with technical activists to connect people with the information and tools they need to move from being a global network to being a global movement based on solidarity.

She grew up in Weston, CT and now lives in Boston, MA with her long-time partner John M. Crisman.