Own the Next Generation of Streaming Music

Resonate is based on a simple premise – that artists will continue to be taken advantage of in the current system unless they own the platforms that distribute their content.

The digital revolution was a major boon to recording artists because it used to be hideously expensive to record an album. With the arrival of home studio recording, artists were suddenly empowered to fully realize their creative visions for fractions of the previous cost, no longer requiring them to sign away most of their rights for a major label record deal.

While this revolution in recording technology coincided with the advent of the web itself, owning the means of distribution wasn’t such a simple affair. Yes, artists now have numerous means to build websites, self-distribute and create their unique social feeds, but usually these personal sites and channels are the online equivalent of having a store front on a dirt road in the middle of the desert… a vast wasteland where no one goes.

Secondly, building the infrastructure to stream and sell your work is outside the scope for most musicians today. They simply don’t have the ability to build these tools on their own. While Bandcamp is a very ethical solution for many musicians to self-distribute, for fans it lacks the ease of use of other big platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple, which are much more consumer friendly.

Enter Resonate.

An attempt to deliver an all-encompassing experience to fans, while empowering musicians to be fully in control over how their music is consumed. Operating as a cooperative to ensure everyone has a voice and that everyone can benefit should we succeed.

We’ve been fairly successful recruiting musicians and indie labels. As of this writing, over 800 musicians and 100 labels have joined our efforts to create a new paradigm for streaming music. Crowd campaign is happening now – we thank you in advance for your support!

Peter Harris