Manoj is a futurist and inner-space explorer. He believes we are living in interesting times — when all that we know is turned downside up, and our collective soul is turned inside out in all its monstrosity and splendor. Manoj has dedicated himself to a mission of helping those who think they are lost realize they are not as lost as they think. He draws from his lived experience to design, facilitate and otherwise guide processes that contribute to the conscious evolution of individuals and groups. His service manifests through his teaching and research, advising on foresight and leadership, public speaking, writing, and music.
Manoj explores leading with compassion and designing for a regenerative economy at The New School(s) for Design, and Public Engagement in New York. Previously, he was a social intra-preneur in a Fortune 50 corporation, starting a strategic foresight practice to co-envision and pilot more sustainable and equitable futures, as also a radically new leadership training experience developed by grassroots employees. 

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