Register for Platform Coop 2016

The tickets for Platform Cooperativism: Building the Cooperative Internet are now sold out. This year’s platform cooperativism event is smaller than the one in 2015 simply because we are focusing on taking concrete steps forward. A more intimate format allows us to connect the people who are already working on making the cooperative Internet a reality much more closely. At this year’s event we will, for example, launch the Platform Cooperativism Consortium. But even if you cannot be at the event this year, you can still participate online, through social media. Hashtag #platformcoop. You can also watch the live stream of the event. Several people have told us that they are organizing live stream watching parties in their cities and of course, we applause that loudly. 

Both, November 11th and 12th will be live streamed (we’ll announce the URL soon). We will not, however, stream the unconference on November 13th. Let us also point out that while we will continue to organize annual events in New York City, we encourage YOU to convene platform cooperativism events in your city. Already for 2017, #platformcoop events are planned in London, Vancouver, and Berlin.

If you have any questions, please contact Isabel Naturman.