Josef Davies-Coates

Josef Davies-Coates portrait

Josef Davies-Coates is a researcher, writer, speaker, event producer, permaculture designer, and founder of United Diversity, a cooperative dedicated to empowering people, building community, developing co-ops, and creating commons.

He plays an active role in the FairShares Association for multi-stakeholder co-operation in member-owned social enterprises. He is also a member of Cooperatives Europe’s working group on co-ops and the collaborative economy. Beyond that, Josef is also an Associate of the P2P Foundation. Previously, he served on the Board of Co-operatives London. Josef regularly consults and advises co-operative and community enterprise start-ups on organizational design, legal structures, crowdfunding, and community shares. As co-founder of The Open Co-op, he is part of organizing team for the Open 2017: Platform Cooperatives event in London, UK in February 2017.

Report from the UK
Josef will be speaking about recent exciting platform and digital co-operative activity in the UK, and why the legal framework that exists there could serve platform co-ops particularly well. This will include details on “Community Shares,” a form of democratic (one member, one vote) equity crowdfunding for co-operatives that has existed in the UK since the mid 1800s, but that has been growing exponentially post the 2008 crash (from £2.5m in 2009 to over £20m in 2014). He’ll also update us on the
Enspiral-inspired plans to create a UK-wide Co-op of Digital Co-ops being led by London based co-op Outlandish. Finally, he’ll share details of his work with the FairShares Association to help new and existing tech start-ups to become multi-stakeholder co-operatives.

Sat, November 12
05:40 PM - 07:45 PM